Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday--January 30, 2013

The Eagles blog "BC Interruption" looks at the Big 10's move to a 9 or 10 league slate. BC could have troubles signing home and home contracts with Big 10 teams in the future.

How about an annual series with UMass? The Eagles were #65 in total attendance last year. A Minutemen-Eagles series would help both athletic departments. Back a couple of years ago, I did a question-and-answer series with one of the BC blogs. One of my questions was that I was surprised how well BC football was doing in the ACC. Given BC's high academic requirements, I had expected the Eagles to be another Duke or Wake Forest.

A three or four years later, the Eagles seem to be slipping to the bottom of the ACC. A BC-UMass-UConn series would add some New England excitement. And lets face it, BC could use the wins.


ESPN wonders if the Big East should keep its name.

The Big East commissioner says UCF and USF are critical to the survival of the league.


The new College Football Hall-of-Fame has started construction in Atlanta.


Football Scoop has a story on an easy-to-do video promotion that could help with recruiting.

The NCAA banned showing a recruit a locker and a game jersey with his name on it. Why? I have no idea how that could be bad.


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