Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Recruiting 2013-- Chanucey Scissum

A Syracuse Blog reports that Chanucey Scissum, a DB from Henrietta High in NY has verbaled to the Orange.

I've blogged about Scissum before.

Had offers from UMass and Buffalo.


vetteson said...

There has been a of of infighting within the faculty senate about the football situation. The most vocal are against the move but are in a distinct minority. Many of the more vocal members have had grudges against the university for a variety of things, that's why they're members of the senate. The evolving Big East situation could have a profound affect on all the debating. If UMass manages to get into the Big East, both football and basketball, it would change a lot of naysayer's minds. I just hope the UMass sports brain trusts have the capability to grasp the situation and make it work. The past is not a good indicator.

Anonymous said...

anyone have the updated list of commits?

Anonymous said...

Well put Vetteson!