Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Wednesday--January 2, 2012

Matty V. has a story about how misinformation about UMass football affected Shane Huber's decision to decommit to UMass.

Grandstanding by members of the facility senate can certainly harm UMass' effort to upgrade. The press laps that negative stuff up. In this case, it probably cost us a fine LB. As Matty says, opposing coaches will be handing recruits  copies of the Globe's article on the facility senate's action for years. has the story about Huber decommitting.


Florida beat the MAC's standard bearer Northern Illinois 31-10 last night. With the 'Noles loading up to stop NIU running QB Lynch, he had to pass to open thing things up. Instead, he was inaccurate all night going 15-41. Lynch missed open receivers a number of times.

The MAC blog Hustle Belt says the Huskies won by just being there.


The Idaho Statesman says the new playoff rules will bring big money to the non-BCS leagues.


CBS Sports says Victor Cruz had a brilliant encore.



TopUMassFan said...

Hi Frank,

Great article by Matty V. on the "negative buzz" created by the Faculty that may have contributed to Huber's de-commitment.

I have questions about verbal commitments that I hope you can answer. Here goes...

1) Just how important are "verbals"? It seems to me they follow the old rule "a contract is only as good as the paper...". Can other schools still contact a player who has given a verbal?

2) What protection does an institution have against "poachers"?

3) Wouldn't an institution be better off keeping quiet about who's verballed to keep other schools guessing where a player is leaning towards instead of knowing for sure?

I hope you can give me a better understanding of this facet of the recruiting process and thanks to Matty for his excellent piece. If "loose lips sink ships", I guess loose talk can help sink teams.

UMass74 said...

Verbals came in to to try to control the never ending recruiting process. Kids receive hundreds of calls, letters etc. By declaring early, the player gets concentrate on his life.

The schools are not allowed to comment on a verbal, even to confirm it. The kids do it because they like the attention and to let other schools know that they aren't available.

The player can change his mind at any time. There is no protection against poaching.

verbals discussed here