Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday--January 18, 2013

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UMass has released the latest artist rendering of the new field house/practice facility for Football. Construction will start in February. Not shown, but also included will be an upgrade to the press box at McGuirk that will allow UMass football to play some games in Amherst.

This is great news. Coach Molnar will have more than just a poster to show recruits. The facility will replace the current 50 year old field house that is not much even by 1-AA standards.

We'll get to see if the people who have been gripping about Gillette will sell out the 2014 game in McGuirk.

Harry Plumer has a story here about the release.


UMass OL Nick Speller gets a positive review during  Shrine Game practices.


An Ohio State writer says the Big Ten is down because of the rise of the MAC who is siphoning off recruits who would have played in the Big Ten. His solution, a preemptive strike on the MAC by annexing UMass.


An ESPN writer says Western Big East football was a bad idea.

The Big East Blog says the Big East needs to refocus its priorities.


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