Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday--January 22, 2013

Philly.com has a story by Mike Jensen about the A10 in transition.

Relevant quote:

"History shows the A-10 will be prepared to make moves. It hit for a better average than the Big East when it came to adding schools. A-10 losses, however, eventually might include Massachusetts, since the Big East group that includes Temple is a natural fit for the Minutemen now that they have upgraded to FBS and are doing what Temple used to do, play A-10 hoops and Mid-American football. The Owls have to hope UMass joins them."


Matt Sussman of the MAC Blog "Hustle Belt" has the best performances by league players in the various bowls.


Football Scoop has an article quoting new Nevada coach Brian Poulian that in recruiting, you can outwork other people.


Yesterday I blogged on UMass' OOC opponents who had a combined 33-18 records in 2012.

Our in-conference schedule in 2013 looks like


  • Northern Illinois 12-2
  • Western Michigan 4-8
  • Akron 1-11
  • Miami (Ohio) 4-8
Combined home visitors record 21-29

  • Central Michigan 7-6
  • Bowling Green 8-5
  • Buffalo 4-8
  • Ohio 9-4
Combined away records 28-22.

Overall conference opponents 49-52  .485 
Overall OOC opponents 33-18 .647

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zarch said...

Dear MAC,

Please schedule NIU as our last game of the season. We need to win some games and be close in the rest. NIU will not help our cause, please schedule them on Black Friday.