Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday--January 27, 2013

You remember there was talk of Boston College adding UMass to next year's schedule. The Eagles would have played at Gillette. Instead, BC picked up New Mexico State-----as an away game. BC interruption has comment.


Darryl Dyck image says the Patriots are checking out talent in the CFL and mentions UMass grad Keron Williams of BC Lions.

Keron's BC bio here.


UMass assistant coach Alan Suber has a quote in a Palm Beach News article about NCAA changes in recruiting rules.


James Ihedigbo is listed as questionable for the Super Bowl.


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prof. said...

Either BC seeks national exposure or they're chicken*&+#% in taking on an upstart program, which ostensibly would serve as a home game for their alumni base, unless the AD fears a half-capacity Gillette or--get this--an upset. Dun make sense to me. Anyone else?