Friday, January 04, 2013

Friday--January 4, 2013

Coach Molnar comments on NIU's being the first MAC team in a BCS bowl. The Huskies high powered offense did not work well against Florida State. Coach Molnar commented:

One of the things that wasn’t talked about too much, or not enough in the part of the game that I watched, was just the difficulty of going through a head coaching transition as you go into a bowl game,” Molnar said. “That can’t be understated. I’ve gone through it twice. It’s not easy for the team.”


UMass offensive coordinator Mike Kruczek is leaving the Minutemen and returning to Florida.

Harry Plummer also has the story.


Athlon Sports previews the bowl with MAC runner-up Kent State vs Arkansas State.


Victor Cruz is upbeat about his contract negotiations with the Giants.


I've been watching football for a long time. Last night's 1 point safety during the Ducks-Wildcats game was the first one I have ever seen.



Anonymous said...

so much for no drama going on in the program. Our OC quits and Huber decommits. great start to the off season.

Anonymous said...

from top umasser

Umass should try to Steal either Joel Lamb from Harvard, Ryan Carty from UNH, or hire Tim Cramsey who just left FIU and was at UNH before . All have had vast success in no huddle zone read offenses.

Anonymous said...

Right after the season I tried to post that there would be players and coaches leaving but UMass74 elected not to post it.. Sometimes the truth hurts. You could have had the inside scoop.. More to follow. I guarantee it