Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday--January 16, 2013

UMass OL coach Ron Hudson has taken a job with former UMass coach Nick Rolovich in Nevada.

Matty V. also has a blog post about Hudson leaving.

Since both Hudson and Kruczek were sharing an apartment in Sunderland during this past year and did not bring their families to Amherst, it would seem that neither were planing a long term coaching career with the Minutemen.


Talking about recruiting, Scout,com currently ranks UMass' 2013 recruiting class as 7th in MAC, ahead of Western Michigan, Ohio, Northern Illinois, Buffalo, Akron and Kent State.


A Bleacher Report writer ranks Kansas State's OOC schedule (which includes UMass) as the easiest in the Big 12.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- has a post on the local connections of various Ravens coaches and players. Mentions Clarence Brooks and James Ihedigbo.


The Boston Globe rarely misses a chance to be negative about UMass sports. Dan Shaughessy has a sour comment about UMass retiring Marcus Canby's jersey.



Anonymous said...

Like I said , there will be a lot of coaches leaving. Expect at least one more from the defensive side to leave. Coach Molnar needs to learn how to delegate authority and trust his subordinates. I realize he is under a lot of pressure to succeed, but to end the year with such disharmony behind the scenes will make the path to success even more difficult. Lets see how many more players leave before spring. Talk is quite a few more.

Anonymous said...

Charlie must be tough to work for, losing an OC and O Line coach after the first year is a sign of something.

UMass74 said...

Yup. No other team in football had any coaching changes..

Must be Coach Molnar's fault!

Anonymous said...

so your defending our first year coach who is trying to build a program and loses an OC to a PREP school and a lateral move from the O Line coach. Big difference between leaving to double your salary.

Anonymous said...

I'll keep my $$$$$$$$ on CM, regardless. Better be too hard on subordinates than being laisez faire.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, please poll your readers for an android app for your blog. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

There is quite a difference between being an autocratic leader and liaise faire.. Which is probably Molnar's problem.. Watch him during the game.. He calls all the plays and when you do that other areas will suffer. A head coach must be like a general on the battlefield, taking input from his subordinates, accessing and synthesizing the data and then stating the objective of which his subordinates set the goals to reach that objective. Spend your time keeping the team on track and focused, not focusing on one area while the rest wonders off track.