Sunday, September 27, 2009

The UMass Marching Band is superb this Year!

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I don't know who is the governing body for the Sudler Trophy, but the UMass Marching Band has be bringing in a bunch of first place votes.

The Band has just been superb this year. The sound just knocks me out.

Last night's UMass band day was a tour de force. The assembled bands rocked out with "Won't you come home Bill Bailey" and closed with "America the Beautiful". This Blog thinks it was one of the best Band Days ever.

It's just a vintage year for the Band. If anyone deserves a second Sudler Trophy, it is the wonderful UMass Marching Band.

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Random Babbler said...

A university marching band can win the Sudler Trophy only once; I agree this is one of the best shows ever! The "Bill Bailey" percussion unit special feature is so much fun. Daughter Katelyn is the blonde tenor sax in the accompanying ensemble!