Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sunday News --- 09/06/09

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Very foggy this morning. Mrs Blog and I had a great time at the game last night and I'll say again---we were very close to winning.


Fifty-One thousand took in the game in Manhattan last night.

Some K-State quotes here.

Game story by the Hampshire Gazette.

The Springfield Republican says UMass played the Wildcats close.

UMass athletic dept write-up here.

K-State write-up here.


Three CAA teams beat FBS/I-A teams this weekend! That's got to be a record by a FCS conference for one week wins over FBS teams.

Villanova beat Temple.

William & Mary crushed Virginia.

Richmond handled Duke.

More CAA write-ups here.



Oldefella said...

Frank and all you UMass fans ... nice game! You should have some justifiable optimism for your upcoming CAA campaign.

I'm glad, Frank, that you had a good game day experience at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. We at K-State are very proud of our university and the game day hospitality.

Travel safely and have a great season!

Anonymous said...

It seems that in their quotations, KSU did everything to highlight their lack of execution, but failed to acknowledge the fact that UMass played well on defense.

UMass74 said...

Old fella:

Thanks for the hospitality. We're all Cats fans for the rest of the season. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

K State will be lucky to win a game in the big 12 this year. Umass should have walked out of there with a win. Dumb penalties hurt mixed in with the offensive playcalling. I thought the play calling was really tight. Very impressed with the D, great effort by them. alot to look forward too in the coming weeks.