Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday before Rhode Island --09/17/09

Matty Vautour reports that five previously injured UMass players are "Probable" for the Rhode Island game.

Two of them Syracuse transfer LB Mike Mele and Senior OT Rob Getek have not played so far this season.

D.J. Adeoba played a strong game at Kansas State and John Ihne is the starting center. Jeromy Horne was the third leading receiver in the CAA last year. All five are potential starters and would make a strong addition to the team.


How early can we start recruiting a player? Biddeford's Nate McKeon is the son of former UMass LB John McKeon. Nate's dad holds the UMass single season tackle record of 177, as well as the career total record of 543 tackles (1985-1988).


The Bleacher Report has an article about the UFL and mentions Marcel Shipp.


Seven CAA teams are ranked in FCS' top twenty five. Some people are already speculating that the CAA will equal its record five team selections for this year's playoffs. Could the league get six?


A couple of stories from The Sports Network: one on Richmond QB Eric Ward and another about McNeese State's big win at Appalachian State.


UNH's QB R.J. Tolman won the New England Gold Helmet Award for his performance at Ball State.


Click on the image and Blogger displays a much larger view.

Image by the K-State's student newspaper's Sara Manco.

Tyler Holmes brings down Wildcat QB Carson Coffman


Anonymous said...

reading the press box reports out of Maryland shows Donnie under the gun big time with his underperforming defense.

head coach says they need to make more plays...108th in nation on defense.

players commenting on schemes,this could get ugly unless they perform better.

Jon said...

Good video here of URI COach Trainer talking about this week's game:

UMass74 said...

Most people would give a coach more than two games. Brown does not have any of his players.

Give him a couple of recruiting years and then check back.

UMass74 said...

Rhody link

Anonymous said...

ok ,so how many games would you give him