Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day after the Rhode Island game--09/20/09

UMass writeup here with notes, quotes and a photo gallery.

Rhode Island writeup here.

Matty Vautour says UMass holds off the Rams in CAA opener.

Matty's three stars for the game were Kyle Havens, Tony Nelson and Kurt Filler.

The Boston Globe has a game article here.

The Boston Herald here.

The Springfield Republican here. Ron Chimelis comments on Kurt Filler's first career interception and the big hits delivered by the UMass defense.

The Providence Journal has a stringer article here (they can't send a reporter all the way to Amherst?)


On injuries:

Josh Samuda was back at LG after siting out the second half of the Albany game.

Jared Chivers played most of the game at center, but starter John Ihne was in uniform and was in for a couple of plays.

Mike Mele was in uniform for the first time, but DNP.

David Cozzo played quite a bit in the second half after Corey Davis got nicked.

Syracuse transfer Dan Sheeran played in several of the WR packages.


The CAA website has coverage of all the CAA games from yesterday.

Interesting results:

Maine lost to Albany.

Richmond crushed Hofstra.

Kansas State lost to UCLA 23-9


I'll be back, maybe this evening, with a web album of the game.



Anonymous said...

Everyone played well. Good job all!

Anonymous said...

Violette can sure punt. Cuko looked good. Impressive victory. Band was awesome!

Anonymous said...

The guy wearing # 17 (Whip's old #) is Jesse Hunt from Oakmont Regional HS, Mass.

Anonymous said...

I saw Josh Jennings was in the participation report..does anyone remember seeing him get a few plays in? Our current LB's are playing well, due to our d-line playing well. Jennings if healthy will be more depth at LB along with Mele, assuming he is healthy this week. Stony Brook up and a buy after that..Not looking past the Stony Brook game, we should be pretty healthy going into the Delaware game.