Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Tuesday News ---- 09/08/09

Hi everyone, Mrs Blog and I made it home safe. I'm tired but happy we make the trip.

A couple of items about the blog:
  • I had some more e-mails while I was gone with entries for the hat contest. I'll try to sort through them and have a winner by tomorrow.
  • Hope also to have a Picassa web album of the UMass-Kansas State game up by tomorrow also.

The Springfield Republican says UMass has regrets about the K-State game.

The Wichita says the Wildcats try to learn from the UMass scare.

Matty Vautour has several articles. He has an article about the CAA's strong showing against FBS/I-A teams. He notes that UMass will get Armando Cuko back from a one-game suspension, but projected starting RT Rob Getek may be out for some time.

He also has "Three stars -Kansas State". He also takes a look at the season yet to be played.


UMass' strong showing against the Wildcats didn't translate to much movement in the polls.


D.J Adeoba was CAA Rookie-of-the-Week for his performance against K-State.


ESPN has a story about Miami's win over Flordia State. Key Quote:

"Offensive coordinator Mark Whipple's new schemes were an instant hit with the most important Miami fan: university president Donna Shalala, who beamed after Miami rolled up 229 yards on its 29 first-half plays, a 7.9 average."

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John in Boston said...

Hi Frank, great blog...I am wondering what your thoughts are on UMass playing the FBS and giving good efforts but coming up short in games they really could have won. Navt, BC, Kansas State to name a few. We keep seeing other CAA teams winning these games on a yearly basis, but UMass can never put a full game together. Does this hurt UMass in the polls and in the conference because they are not showing they can finish the job? Also couldn't this have a negative effect on recruiting if you have a student looking at UMass vs. UNH or even Villanova? Thanks for the great blog.