Friday, September 25, 2009

The Day before Stony Brook

Stony Brook finally has its game notes up for UMass. Html here and pdf here.


Matty Vautour has a nice story about Senior starting OL Jared Chivers. Vautour reports Chivers has a secret weapon ---- Hamburger Helper.

The Berkshire Eagle has another story about Chivers here.


It's going to UMass Band Day!


Terence Thomas, Sr. does his weekly "CAA Today" column here.


Dave Coulson of The Sports Network offers some "Deep Thoughts".


The 2009 season just got a little tougher for the Maine Black Bears; their top running back Jared Turcotte is gone for the season.


Mark Whipple continues to gather ink because of the resurgence of the Miami Hurricanes. Articles here and here.



Anonymous said...

Happy for Whip! I remember when he went down to South Florida to recruit those kids!
He knows talent!
Also can develop it!

Anonymous said...

Corrections Ihne is back up center Chivers is starting at center and Flanagan is starting at right guard.Have you seen Flanagan pull!!!

UMass Drumline said...

It's great to see such support from UMass fans. Thanks for writing and supporting our programs.

Looking forward to UMass Band Day 2009!

Anonymous said...

The band is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Ihne is the starting center, whose backup Chivers, the starting RG, took his place last game. Flanagan is the backup at RG. Let's not get too excited about Flanagan. He's a backup OL who pulls like a guard should. Nothing to gloat about.

Anonymous said...

Overall, the O-line has performed well, given the relative experience of those returning players. They seem well coached, and are working together. Good job.