Monday, September 07, 2009

Momday News --- 09/07/09

Well, Mrs Blog and I toured the US Calvary Museum and the Custer House at Ft. Riley yesterday. We ate supper at the "So Long Saloon" in "Aggieville", which is a bunch of shops and restaurants that cater to the K-State students. We'll be making the drive to Kansas City airport in a couple of hours.

Next year Michigan!

Five new post game articles from the Wildcat side here.


From the UMass side, the Boston Herald has a review of the weekend New England games. CBS Sports has a article on the league victories here. I've already blogged about the three CAA wins over FBS/I-A teams, but there was some strange results in the northeast.

BTW, next week's opponent Albany had a narrow loss to Georgia Southern.

All the FCS scores here.

It was a good week for UMass alums as both Matt Lawrence and James Ihedigbo made the Ravens and Jets rosters respectively. Jeremy Cain made the Jacksonville Jaguars.



Anonymous said...

Morris needs to keep these guys focused this week and not let them get confident. Albany is a good football team capable of winning next week.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reporting on the road, Frank! And URI beat up on Fordham pretty well. I think the Rams will be tough this year. Some great football played during the first week. Congrats to the coaches, the players, their parents, and the fans for an impressive effort. Big House next year!