Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday of the 2009 Bye Week--09/28/09

UPDATE: Fr. LB Perry McIntyre is the CAA Rookie-of-the-week.

Matty Vautour has a short update here.


Matty Vautour has three stars from the Stony Brook game and they are: Jonathan Hernandez, Jeromy Horne and Chris Zardas.

He also says how good the Minutemen are is yet to be determined.

The UMass Daily Collegian has a story featuring Hernandez' big day against Stony Brook.


From the UMass Athletic website:"

  • Saturday's game was the final for the scoreboard in the South end zone of McGuirk Stadium. It was installed in 1995. Pieces of the scoreboard will be auctioned on in the coming weeks."

  • Hurrah!


    CSN has all the FCS scores from Saturday's games here.


    Josh Buchanan has Vladimir Ducasse as the #2 ranked "Small School" NFL prospect.

    He also has Jeromy Miles ranked #30 in the top 50. Josh evidently has not seen some tape of Miles' play this year.


    The CAA stats inclusive of the Sept 26th games are up. UMass is #1 in pass offense, #1 in total offense, #1 in punting. The Minutemen are #2 in scoring offense and #2 in scoring defense.

    There is a big improvement in UMass penalties. the Minutemen are #6 in the league and one team ranked ahead of them has only played three games.


    Kansas State crushed FCS/I-AA Tennessee Tech 49-7.

    Albany won its 14th consecutive NEC league game over Sacred Heart 22-9.

    Rhody lost to UConn 52-10.



    Anonymous said...

    Frank- Can you tell us if a new sound system is being installed? I've seen poles,with loudspeakers on them, lying on the ground,on the SW side of the stadium.These would enhance the sound in the whole stadium,not just near the speakers as it is now!!

    Anonymous said...

    nice to see hernandez have a big game, glimpse of the future. I think anyone who runs behind 47 is going to have a big game..that kid is for real he just runs over people and I'm talking linemen as well.

    kyle harrington just gets it done play in and play out..needs to get some shout outs...he and 47 are the blue collar face of umass

    Anonymous said...

    if we are getting a new sound system along with the new scoreboard I will be very, very happy

    Rocks22 said...

    I wonder why they didn't keep the current scoreboard and put up a new one in the north endzone? Wouldn't hurt to have two.

    UMass73 said...

    The pole with the sound system between the north end zone and the yellow lot, I think, is part of the new emergency warning system that is being installed all over campus.
    The problem with placing a scoreboard in the north end zone is that the sun directly hits that area. When there used to be scoreboards in both end zones you couldn't read the north end zone scoreboard if the sun was hitting it.