Saturday, September 12, 2009

UMass 44-7

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Whoa! UMass dominated the Great Danes holding them to 10 first downs. The defense forced five turnovers and looked even better than they did at K-State.

UMass All-American safety Jeromy Miles lit up Albany leading receiver Tim Bush with an NFL quality hit.

Kyle Havens threw for 284 yards and still had a couple of drops.

We did have some injuries. Jeremy Horne went out with a concussion and we lost Josh Samuda and John Ihne with shoulder injuries. I don't know how serious any of those were.

I did not see Josh Jennings' or Mike Mele's jerseys on the sidelines.

Big effort by the Minutemen and a big win.

Drove home listening to the Kansas State feed on Sirius satellite radio. The Wildcats missed three field goals and an extra point to lose to Ragin' Cajans 17-15.

Be back tomorrow with news links and a web album.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for injury report. Can you provide a follow up when you know more? Might you be able to do this for each game?

Anonymous said...

The offensive line is pretty banged up. We are now down three starters from the start of the season. The good news is we have arguably the two easiest games on the schedule coming up and an off week before Delaware who is looking pretty good. The positive is it is a great opportunity to build some depth for the gauntlet run coming up in October/November.