Wednesday, September 09, 2009

UMass-Kansas State Web Album up

Click on the image above and Blogger displays a much larger view.

I have a Picassa web album of the UMass-Kansas State game up here.

A couple of notes about the album: I was seated in the end-zone and it seemed as if the whole game was played in the opposite end of the stadium. The combination of using a zoom lens and the low light means some of the images are fairly "soft". However, I hope it gives a sense of what it was like at the game.

The really blurry image is of the UMass touchdown. I was bumped as I took it, but it sorta conveys the fast motion of the play.

Note the very small "magnifying glass" symbol in the upper right hand corner of the display page. Piccasa will display a much larger view of the image with that enabled.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the images , we were at the game also , but I left my camera in the hotel , these are great !

Anonymous said...

Great images , thank you , we were at the game and I left my camera in the hotel :( I would really like to thank all the KSU fans for a special evening , dressed in our finest UMASS attire , we were never heckled or jeered , they made us feel welcome to their stadium.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the pics , they are great