Friday, September 11, 2009

One day before Albany ---- 09/11/09

The Washington Examiner says the ACC is down and the CAA is up.


Matty Vautour says the Minutemen are looking forward to playing under the lights.

Matty's picks for week two.


To see what Great Danes fans are thinking visit Big Purple


Is it just me, or does anyone else notice on how little respect UMass received from their near upset of a Big 12 team? Chuck Burton reviews this week's Top-25 FCS games and picks Albany over UMass. He says he won't be surprised by the upset.

Bruce Dowd and a long and excellent article about attending three FCS games last weekend (Villanova, Appalachian State and Richmond).

Continuing the run of CSN writers Terrence Thomas Sr. looks at the CAA's games last week.


David Coulson looks at the UNH vs Ball State and other FCS news here.

Seacoast online says the Wildcats may be without TB Chad Kackert.

This on-line sports book has UMass by 18 1/2.


The CAA has seven teams in the FCS top-25 and five of the top ten polls.

William & Mary's B.W. Webb won the National Defensive player-of-the-week by the Football Writers Association of America.


JMU is familiar with the way Don Brown is doing things at Maryland.



Anonymous said...

brown did not do many good things last week!!!

Anonymous said...

Hard to when his corners can't play man.

Anonymous said...

its just you
why would you expect good press
because we lost to a second rate team in the fbs

MinuteFan said...

As far as picking Albany in an upset, ignore Burton's picks when it comes to UMass. He has always had a chip on his shoulder regarding the Minutemen. But realistically, after one week we still are not sure whether last weeks game says that UMass has improved or Kansas State is awful. Probably a bit of both. Albany is too good to look past, and UMass needs to focus on them and forget about last week. If they do, they should win. As far as getting credit for coming close once again against an FBS opponent, you only get credit when you win, and UMass has to close the deal on one of those games someday.

Rocks22 said...

Some nice press for the CAA here as well:

Anonymous said...

last week against kansas state
umass allowed 407 yards in total offense
and i believe we had about 10 penalties
we had only 212 yards in total offense
do you really wonder why chuck burton picks umass to lose
kansas is going to be hardpressed to win 50% of its games this year

Topsfieldfan said...

Not surprised that the one comment was about FORMER Coach Brown. Come on, UMass fans, get pumped about THIS team and THIS Coach! I listened to the K-St. game on the radio of my car and I'm STOKED about how well they did! Can't wait for the game tomorrow night and the rest of the season. We've got new guys and a new Coach, let's turn out in-force and give them the homecoming and support they deserve!

Anonymous said...

synder 5 year extension after the first game. If NU wins a game this year Hager might get a lifetime contract.

Anonymous said...

Maryland's defense held their opponent to how many points last week? Ya, Don Brown is a defensive genius! lol.

Anonymous said...

Maryland's D gave up how many points last week? Ya, Don Brown is a defensive genius! lol.