Monday, August 03, 2009

Win a UMass Football Blog Hat

Here's the contest I talked about, but never ran last year.

I will give away this cool UMass Football Blog hat to the fan who e-mails me the closest prediction to the UMass-Kansas State score. It's free and I will pay the shipping cost. It's for fun only and your e-mail address and your name will be kept totally private. You don't have to send me your mailing address unless you win.

It's a high quality, never been worn hat that has "UMass football Blog" in Arial script block letters. The hat is maroon with white letters. It's one of three in existence. More hat pictures here.

Send me an email with your prediction. My e-mail address is available in the "About me" section of the blog.

Ties will be settled by date (earliest best). Any other needed decisions will be referred to Mrs. Blog for adjudication. Her decisions are unreviewable, unappealable and final. No e-mails after September 4th will be counted.

1 comment:

Noel E. said...

Umass 20, KSU 21