Saturday, August 15, 2009

Twenty-one days to Kansas State-- 08/15/09

New to the UMass Blog scene is "Fear the Triangle" a UMass Hockey blog. May it prosper and last a lot longer than the previous Hockey Blog. I've added a link in the sidebar.


CBS3 will air a UMass Season Football Preview on Sept 4th at 8:00 pm.


Speaking of Kansas State, has them ranked #89 behind Buffalo and Iowa State. I don't think so.


Good News! Eastern Washington got their marching band back!


Watched the Jets-Rams game last night. James Ihedigbo had some close-ups. He wiffed on Ram RB Sam Gato's 77 yard TD run.


Matt Lawrence gets several mentions in this article from the previous night's Ravens-Redskins. Quote "Lawrence (36 yards, nine rushes; 38 yards, three catches) continued his breakout night by converting a third-and-5 play into a catch-and-run and a first down at the 16."


Over on the very good Boston College Eagles blog "Eagle in Atlanta", I found this link to a Globe article on some of the top recruiting prospects for 2010 from Massachusetts.



Anonymous said...

2010 is a big year for UMass in recruiting. They need a great class to keep the ball rolling

Anonymous said...

KSU seems poised to be very competitive in the Big 12. Coffman looks impressive on paper, and while KSU doesn't seem to be as prolific as TTU was last year, they certainly have an impressive roster, combining speed and size with expeience. They'll be tough.

Anonymous said...

Northeastern appears to be serious about moving to White Stadium:

Matt said...

Guess I'm not the only one who started a new UMass Blog today. Mine covers all the sports (except football news is best found at this site). Please check it out at:

Rocks22 said...

Still trying to figure out why Northeastern insists there is plenty of parking at White Stadium while everyone I've talked to who has been there says the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Maybe plans for a parking lot? This could be a major renovation....

Anonymous said...

The effect of Bill Snyder's return to K-State's sideline is the "X Factor" heading into September 5. The man, frankly, is a coaching genius, and the staff he's assembled will make the most it can of the kids the former coach left behind and the ones who were recruited this year or simply walked on because Snyder came back. KSU is under the radar right now. In the past, that was always the situation K-State craved.