Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sixteen Days until Kansas State --- 08/20/09

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Last year's frozen game with Hofstra at McGuirk was a battle not just for the win, but for the title of senior class with most wins. The UMass 2008 seniors ended up going 37-14, taking over the title from the 2006's senior class' total of 36 wins.

I would point out that the 2009 seniors have a reasonable chance to beat the record. Their total wins so far:
  • 2006 13-2
  • 2007 10-3
  • 2008 7-5
That's a total of 30-10. The 2009 UMass seniors could win the title of most wins for a senior class by going 8-3 or better this year. Incidentally, 8-3 would probably be a lock for the playoffs, making 2009 even more of a success. The probable loss at Kansas State means the Minutemen would have to achieve 8-2 against the rest of the schedule.


Remember yesterday's post that we will be playing UConn on 08/30/12? Well, I hope UMass AD John McCutcheon has a very large buyout provision in that contract.

It looks like Northeasten's opener next year against UConn will be moved to Oct 9th because UConn added Michigan to its schedule. If Northeastern didn't have an open date, they would have been in trouble.


Dave Coulson in his "Around FCS" column previews the CAA ---- and predicts a second place finish in the CAA North for UMass.


The Frederick News-Post says ex-UMass Coach Don Brown is changing the culture of Maryland's defense.

Maryland's ex-DC Chris Cosh? Why he's now co-defensive coordinator at Kansas State.

Speaking of Kansas State, they've had some injuries in training camp.


The Sun Sentinel has a video interview with Brandon London here.



Anonymous said...

That Hofstra game may have been the coldest weather I have ever been in

Anonymous said...

I was SO cold from the men's soccer game with Harvard that I couldn't even make it into the stadium for the Hofstra game. I think I thawed out two weeks later.

Anonymous said...

In the event an FBS-scheduled game is cancelled by the FBS team, an FCS team is allowed to schedule a Division II opponent even if the team already has scheduled one for the same season.

Rocks22 said...

I sincerely hope Jason Yellin or perhaps someone on UMass' legal staff is currently on the phone with Dave Coulson and the Sports Network for suggesting that McCutcheon favored CAA teams during the selection process and left more deserving teams out of the playoffs.

What a jackass.

UMass74 said...

DII teams do not count towards playoff eligibility and the loss of a probably $250k+ guarantee would put a big dent in the UMass season and budget.