Monday, August 17, 2009

Nineteen Days to Kansas State ---- 08/17/09

Another new UMass Fan Blog. Minuteman Athletics will be covering the full range of UMass sports. May it prosper and have many, many blog posts. I've added a link in the sidebar.


Fear the Triangle part II. For some reason, I totally missed Fear the Triangle would be authored by "Rocks22". Rocks is both sane and knowledgeable ---- a rare combination on message boards. He'll do an excellent job with the blog.

I'd like to see some articles explaining the game. What is "offsides" in hockey anyway?


Somewhere at UMass Mike Mele is smiling.

You will remember new UMass LB Mike Mele transferred from Syracuse after apparently losing his position to JUCO Derek Hines. This blog post has the details and, as I read the quotes, Syracuse coach Doug Merrone said the Orange would be able to win with Hines.

Well after a couple of practices, Hines quit the Syracuse football team....


Jeff Thomas has an article about UMass defensive coordinator Keith Dudzinski. Every TV game I saw during the Brown era the announcers said "Well, Dudzinski is the defensive coordinator, but Coach Brown really runs the UMass defense".

Well this year Dudzinski has a chance to show what he can do. Good luck Coach Dudz!


More on the good showing Matt Lawrence made at the Ravens-Redskins game.

Matt's Ravens bio here.



Rocks22 said...

Thanks for the mention. Knowledgeable? Maybe. Sane? Not always. Anyway, you’ve set the standard for UMass blogs.

Basically, if a player without the puck crosses the blue line before the puck or a teammate in possession of the puck, it’s offsides.

UMass74 said...


Anonymous said...

Things must be terribly amiss as Syracuse. Marrone is probably running these guys into the ground.

Anonymous said...

I think Marrone is doing the right thing. Find out who wants to play for you, weed out the rest and open up scholarships for next year. he has to change the losing culture somehow

Anonymous said...

But for a lauded recruit, who was promised to start, to up and quit, and who has two years of prior college experience? Marrone's approach to inculcating what success is (and means) does not seem quite rational. He seems far too impatient and impulsive, but this can only be addressed by our transfers.

Anonymous said...

Syracuse was one drive away from losing to a 2-9 Northeastern team last year.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for Northeastern this year. They have many starters returning