Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tuesday News ---- 08/04/09

Don't forget to send me an e-mail predicting the UMass-Kansas State score. The closest guess to the actual score on Sept 5th wins a very nice "UMass Football Blog" hat.


Did Syracuse coach Doug Marrone take a shot at new UMass LB Mike Mele in this story? JUCO LB Derek Hines is listed as the starting WLB for the Orange ------ despite the fact that he has yet to set foot on the Syracuse campus. Donnie Web of the Post-Standard asked Marrone if that was unsettling. Marrone replied ""Not as unsettling as if you're playing with someone you know can't win," said Marrone.".

Another mention of Mele and Sheehan in this article.


Former UMass WR Brandon London receives mentions here and here in Miami Dolphins training camp.

He also mentioned in this Miami Dolphins press release.

London's extensive Dolphins bio here.


Carson Coffman will likely be the starting QB for the Kansas State Wildcats on Sept 5th.



Anonymous said...

For a starter to leave so abrubtly, there must have been a major falling out. The comments made by the coach seem unprofessional, vindictive, and childish.

Anonymous said...

Quoted by Donnie Web:

"How much of a black hole have the last four years been? I keep hearing the previous staff did not test players in strength and conditioning. Those days are over. Marrone has been charting everything since arriving in December. The new head football coach complained in spring about his team's lack of speed, strength and condioning to get through a practice. He said it was not up to his standards or Big East standards. Based on the S&C numbers Marrone is monitoring from summer work, he's pleased. Marrone said there could be a player move or two in preseason camp after coaches come off vacation and huddle this week to discuss those numbers."

Anonymous said...

Marrone thought Mele was too small for the Big East. I think he has plenty of size for 1-AA and will be a contributor this year for UMass.

Anonymous said...

Eagles released Courtney Robinson.

Anonymous said...

If Marrone brought Hines in to replace Mele cuz he's too small, that doesn't make sense! Hines is
listed on the Cuse roster as 6'1 217 and Mele is 6'0 218.

Anonymous said...

Marrone seems to have alienated a bunch of people, but with the team he's inherited, I would say who can blame him? His philosophy will either help or further debilitate a team that is fractured and what appears to be both dysfunctional and uninspired. Good luck to him, but hey, beating ND is never easily accomplished, especially in South Bend, and he seems to have dismissed this out of hand. Their loss is our gain.