Saturday, August 29, 2009

One week to the Wildcats--- 08/29/09

Bump. Just for fun, I'm giving away a "UMass Football Blog" ball cap to the person who e-mails me the closest guess to the score of the UMass-Kansas State game. My e-mail is available in the "About me" section of the blog. It's free and I'll pay the shipping. I'll erase everyone's e-mail after the contest.


Kevin Tresolini of Delaware On LIne takes a look at the 2009 Delaware Hens and predicts 7-4 or 8-3.


The full CSN FCS 2009 Handbook (99 pages) is available as a pdf download here.


A former Kansas (as in Jay Hawk football) blogger goes legit and is assigned to be Kansas State beat writer. Wildcat fans are not amused.


The CAA will air a 2009 preview show on Aug 31st and Sept 2nd. It will be available on-line at ESPN 950 AM Radio.


Brett Kahn of the Sports Network takes a look at FCS independents including soon-to-be-CAA member Old Dominion.



Anonymous said...

Word around Manhattan, KS, this morning is that Jr. QB Carson Coffman will start against the Minutemen.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News: UMass to announce starting QB at 3:00!!

Anonymous said...

Havens is the starter

Anonymous said...

Woody should tell Morris he's hitting the road. From a close follower of Umass football it seemed apparent from the time that Morris recruited Havens that he was trying to force fit him as the next starter. He was given more opportunities than some of the other QB's at Umass.

Anonymous said...

why should he tell morris hes' hitting the road. it sounds like
your willing to put the good of the team second to one player. i am sure that after being in the program for four years and morris
being the old quaterbacks coach he gave woodward every opportunity to hold on to the starting spot. you sound a bitter for some reason

Anonymous said...

Anyone calling him Woody,obviously is a friend. So please do your friend a favor and back off. Things happen for a reason,let his season play out. Quiters quit. Players stay ready.