Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Eleven Days to Kansas State --- 08/25/09

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I forgot to mention that I have about 15 images from the UMass Media Day in a Picassa web album here. There's also a link in the sidebar under the "2009 UMass Images" heading.


UMass was ranked #18 the FCS Pre-season Coaches poll. The Minutemen also received one #1 vote.


You remember the on-going soap opera about the state of Delaware allowing sports betting (See the last item in this blog post). The proposed sports betting would include betting on College football games. The NCAA has threatened to ban all playoff games in the state of Delaware.

Yesterday the Third Circuit Court of Appeals absolutely blew the state of Delaware out of the water by ruling the State's plan was contrary to Federal Law and could not proceed.


Matt Vautour has an article on Chris Zardas. The Blog thinks Zardas, when all his body parts are working, is a heckofa player. Hope he stays healthy this year and makes an impact for the Minutemen.

Matt also says Jonathan Hernandez and Cedric Gonnet are likely to be the 2nd and third string TBs for UMass in 2009.


I watched the Jets-Ravens game last night. James Ihedigbo had an interception on a play that produced three different penalties. The refs ruled offsetting fouls, so James did not get credit for the INT. The game stats listed Matt Lawrence as having one carry, but I must have missed it.


Keron Williams is playing for the Montreal Alouettes. His Alouettes bio here. His Wikipedia page here.

Anyone know what an "Alouette" is?


Keepers College Football Ratings and Prediction has moved to a new site.


Montana plans to bid for the 2010 FCS National Championship game. Now that would be fun to attend.



Anonymous said...

The Alouette is a Skylark.

Anonymous said...

The team is named after the song Alouette.

Anonymous said...

I was going to say, surely you know the "Alouette, gentille Alouette" song, if only from Tom and Jerry cartoons.

UMass74 said...

Oh, THAT Alouette!

Anonymous said...

Part of that song is actually about the bird plunging to it's death.
"Je te plumberier"...don't quote me on the french spelling...

Speaking of plunging...I hope the wildcats are taking a plunge after UMass gets done with them next Saturday...next Saturday, that came quick!! Good Luck UMass!!

Anonymous said...

We will put up an excellent game. Watch out for Cruz, Horne, and Nelson! Go UMass!

Anonymous said...

UMass needs to prepare for a good ASS-Kicking on national TV by KSU. I just hope they don't get down on themselves for the remainder of the season. I never could see why we play teams like KSU. If we want national exposure then attempt to schedule programs like UConn, Duke, Temple, Boston College, etc... UConn and BC would fill their stadiums if we went there and our payout would PRPBABLY be close to the same.

Anonymous said...

I’m always amazed at the dopes on here complain without knowing the facts.

First off, the Kansas State game isn’t on national tv. It’s not on regional tv. It’s not even on local tv in Kansas. It’s not on tv, period.

Secondly, UMass just played BC in 2007 and will play them again in 2011. Just how often do you think they’ll schedule us?

Thirdly, UMass versus UConn is already scheduled for 2012 and Syracuse is rumored for the following year.

Lastly, you think playing Temple is going to get UMass more national exposure than playing a team from the Big 12 or Michigan? Seriously? Most people don’t even realize Temple has a program.