Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Seventeen Days to Kansas State --- 08/19/09

First off, Happy Birthday to UMass QB Kyle Havens! He turns 21 today.

Havens told a good story at the UMass Media Day yesterday. He's a California guy. When he left to report to UMass this January, he got on the airplane in San Francisco and it was 70 degrees. He gets off in New England and it's around zero----and he's wearing shorts and a tee shirt.


The UMass Athletic Dept website has a transcript of Coach Morris' replies to questions here. The site also has a image gallery.

The Boston Herald has a media day story here.

The Springfield Republican here.

The Worcester Telegram has an article about UMass LB Eric Dickson here.

The Hampshire Gazette has an article on the QB competition. Interesting that Kyle Havens has a redshirt year to give. I didn't know that. Matt Vautour also has a blog note about Havens.


Not much new information out of the event. Still no decision on QB. Coach Morris said he won't platoon QB's. He said we were strictly a pro-set offense, which seems to preclude having a QB run a series or two from the spread.

I only saw on player on crutches, so it looks like we're healthy so far.

Thanks to UMass SID Jason Yellin for allowing me to attend. Thanks to Josh Maurer for making a point of saying "Hi".

No report from practice. After waiting three hours, I was asked to leave as Coach Morris was closing the practice.

I'll have a image gallery up myself, probably this evening.


I-originally-started-blogging-about-Syracuse-because-of-the-UMass-connection-but-now-it's-getting-really-weird-dept. Another player quit the Orange yesterday.

This post on the says UMass will play UConn at their stadium on 08/30/2012.



Anonymous said...

18 Scholarship players have now left Syracuse. I think Syracuse is going to be 0-11. Maine should spank them.

Interesting note, Kevin Van Derzee is Director of Football Operations for the Orange. He had the same title at UMass from 2001-2003. Anybody have any ties with him still...I'm sure he could fill people in on what's going on up there. Whatever it is, it's not pretty.

Anonymous said...

Bizzare is right. One has to learn to walk before he can run. The number of players who have left the team amounts to a purging by Marrone, however one might conceive the means or motivation. He [Marrone] will be left with little support among the fans. He will have a much more difficult time this year than if he had simply decided which players were worthy of playing time and who was not, and platooning as many players as needed until the right chemistry is discovered. He thinks he's coaching in the pros.

I think Maine will stick it to them and I'd be surprised if Syracuse wone more than two games.

Anonymous said...

did syracuse with the bcs title last year am I missing something here. It is in the best interest of marrone and the program to kick as many kids off the team as possible, they are all career losers. O'Leary did it with UCF went 0-11 his first year then 8-3 in his second. he opened so many scholarships and recruited the kids he wanted to play for him in order to turn around the program.

Anonymous said...

Marrone will not have a winning record until year 3 at least. Will the Orange alumni and faithful put up with him until then? That is the question. Good luck to him and his plan. If all those kids were bad apples, then I applaud him. From what I have read, it doesn't look like it. Looks like Marrone is penny smart & dollar foolish.

Anonymous said...

Are the best plaers in the northeast going to commit to Syracuse? Never! They'll go to Connecticut, Penn State, BC, Rutgers, and even some FCS schools before Syracuse. Freein up scholarships is fine, but it would be unreasonable to expect to win in anything less than three years, assuming next year's recruits are going to be better than this year's. They're fu*@$ed. I wish that we were playing them this year.