Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Havens

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The UMass athletic site has a sizable article on Coach Morris' announcement that Kyle Havens will be the starting QB at Kansas State.

The Springfield Republican has a story here.

Sunday updates:

The UMass website has a podcast of the press conference with both Coach Morris and Havens commenting on the selection (mp3).

Back on August 18th (Media Day), the Springfield Republican posted a video interview with Havens here.

Matty Vautour has a short article asking if Haven will have Todd Bankhead or Richard Lucero level of success.

Lucero had good success on the field. In 2000 he went 140/235 2065 .596 17 TD 16 INT 143.6 EFF (higher than either of Bankhead's EFF's). His 8.8 yards/attempt is still #3 in UMass single season records. Lucero's 17 TD's that year tied him for 8th in single season along with Todd Bankhead and Peil Pennington.

However, he got in Whipple's doghouse early and often by missing QB meetings and general poor discipline. By the time Lucero got into trouble with the Amherst police, he was already off the team.


Anonymous said...

Who is the punter????

Anonymous said...

With Havens at QB, there will be no need to punt.

Anonymous said...

morris naming the qb he recruited so heavily last year. no suprise there at all

Anonymous said...

true dat

Matt said...

"With Havens at QB, there will be no need to punt"

Sounds like someone is a little confident

Anonymous said...

Disgusted when I picked up the Springfield Union this morning
How can you have someone with the athletic ability of O.H. not on the field??
Anyone recommend a motel/hotel for the Delaware game?

Anonymous said...

Probably because he's not the best QB. Hawkins isn't THAT athletic. People make it seem like he's Armanti Edwards. Compared to Coen he has a lot more athletic ability. Havens was named the starter over two guys who are going into their 3rd years and one going into his 5th year. Obviously Havens is the better player.

Anonymous said...

I'm more worried about the defense and where is jennings? any updates?