Friday, August 07, 2009

Memories of Kansas State

Presented here are three scans from UMass-Kansas State game program of September 13,2003. Click on the image and Blogger displays a larger view.

In 2003 UMass went 10-3 with losses to the Wildcats and triple-overtime thriller to Delaware. We then lost in the first round of the playoffs in the Colgate Snow Bowl. The Minutemen were, for the 19th time, A10 Champions that year.

This was one of Whipple's best teams. The Captains were Jeremy Cain, Jeff Krohn and Anton Mckenzie. On offense there were such names as Jason Peebler, R.J. Cobbs, Jimmie Howard, Rob Kane, Colin Stoetzel and David Thompson.

On defense there were, beside the two captains, Shannon James,Valdamar Brower, Serge Tikum, L.A. Love, Steve Costello and more.

For K-State the big name was Darren Sproles.

UPDATE: Article published today says Sproles may be the NFL's toughest player.

UMass led after the first quarter 7-0 after Jason Peebler's 65-yard bomb from Jeff Krohn. The rest of the game was all Wildcats as they outgained us 490 to 191 yards. Sproles rushed 28 times for 152 yards and 3TDs. The UMass defense held K-State to a season low 38 points and forced four turnovers. The Cats had 46,102 fans at the game.


Anonymous said...


Did you make it to the snow bowl!

UMass74 said...

Yes, I took the alumni bus.

Mrs. Blog had the flu and stayed home. That game, and the hurricane bowl in Rhode Island were probably the two worst weather games I've attended.