Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday News 04/29/09

UMass and Michigan will likely play in 2010------- just not as the opener for the newly renovated Big House.

An Iowa sportswriter comments on the UMass-UM game. BTW, Iowa State plays North Dakota State this year and Iowa plays Northern Iowa.


UMass loses a recruit to New Hampshire.


Yesterday I blogged on Courtney Robinson signing with the Philadelphia Eagles. ESPN really likes their NFL Draft.


CSN has an up-dated list of FCS NFL draft and free agent signings here.


The new release of NCAA Football 10 has the ability to build teams, including FCS/I-AA schools.

Note Texas Tech receiver Michael Crabtree on the box.


In news from other college sports, the University of Oregon has disbanded its "Ultimate Frisbee" team for the season.

Key quote from the team Captain: "“Speeding, drinking, nudity — they’re not bad things,” he told the executive committee. “They’re things a big portion of the community doesn’t think are wrong.”



Anonymous said...

hope to see some umass fans at the spring game at 1:00 on saturday. go umass!!

UMass Loses a recruit to New Hampshire said...

"It came down to UNH or UMass Amherst, but once I took my visit to New Hampshire I knew that's where I wanted to play," said Coppola, who finished his St. John's Prep career with 2,442 yards and 20 touchdowns. "I had a visit all lined up at UMass, but once I committed I called the UMass coaches to tell them my decision."

I would like to know what he saw at New Hampshire that was so attractive that he wouldn't even visit UMass. That would tell us where we need to invest our Limited Funds.

Anonymous said...

Could be anything. Might have had nothing to do with football. He might have loved the area, the campus, maybe he met people he really liked. Maybe academics.

Why should it matter? Stuff like that happens all the time in recruiting. I'm sure UMass has had recruits visit, know that's where they wanted to play and not visit anywhere else. That's recruiting.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last post. The decisions students make can be based on a variety of reasons. For example, why would Tony Nelson choose UMass over Marshall, or other instances of some of our recruits who have turned down FCS schools to play at UMass? Coppola was probably told that he would play sooner at UNH, and at UMass we have restocked the TB position--presumably where the position he wants to play. (Kackert is a senior.)