Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tuesday News ----- 04/07/09

First off: the 2008 image links in the "UMass Images 2008" section of the sidebar are coming down on May 1st. Anyone who wants to grab an image or review a particular event should do so now.


Remember I did a blog post about the UNCC 49's charging $4,000 for the right to purchase season tickets? It's not going well.


Raw data:

Villanova's Pro Day.


Lots of news articles about UMass' next opponent Kansas State.



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Anonymous said...

2 games tops is a bit negative, however I don't think we are going to win 10 games.

The important thing is to win the CAA-North and get into the playoffs. Anything less is a failure.
Not winning the weak CAA North clearly indicates to me we have a coach who can't recruit or an AD who has failed to provide the support he publically stated he is committed. The penally to the program is too awful to even consider, especially when qualified experienced coaches where applying for the job.

Anonymous said...

The importance of recruiting cannot be understated. The only reason given for hiring an unqualified coach was to ensure the athletes already recruited would come to UM.

The decision to hire a high profile coach would have brought more recruits to UM not less.
1) Morris would have remained a UM
2) QB Kyle Havens, the QB from CA, would still have come to UM.
Other (FBS) colleges are still recruiting. Some (FBS) players are leaving their school. I hope we are going to bring in some high profile athletes.