Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thursday News --- 04/02/09

Chuck Burton has a column in his series "The CSN Way" about the football history of FCS/I-AA teams in this year's March Madness basketball tourney. It's a nicely researched article.


Yesterday's edition of the CAA Spring Football Blog includes posts by players from Richmond, Villanova, Towson, Hofstra,Northeastern and Rhode Island.


2009 opponent Stony Brook begins Spring Practice tomorrow .

The Seas Wolves 2009 Spring roster (pdf).


2009 opponent Albany also starts Spring Practice this Friday. This article covers Great Dane QB Vinny Esposito (a great name for a QB).


Twenty-Eight hours until UMass Spring Football starts.


Anonymous said...

Surprising. I got a peak at the recent junior day results. The one person on the team that blew me away was Micheal Hanson - good size, more of a linebacker, and was able to clock a 4.64. Vladimir Duccasse is an easy Draft pick next year, weighing at 320+ and clocked a 5.25 40. Robert Getek Big Frame offensive tackle 6'6 i believe good numbers, clocking a 5 flat, needs to gain about 20 more pounds and able to run a faster to be a sure pick. Jeremy Miles could also sneak in to the draft, where he has numbers that scout's hunger for, for a pro safety.
Young guys that are going to help this Umass team out just of their athleticism at a young age, is arguablly, Cederick Gonnet, where his numbers were astonishing, i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw, clocking in at a 4.37, probably the fastest on the team. Another young guy with one year of experience, who started this past year is young offensive lineman Joshua Samuda, I believe he has 2 or 3 more years left and already has numbers and size of a drafted pro center, and he also around the same time as Duccasse clocking a 5.23 40.
Jeremy Horne did not participate, i was wondering what his numbers were going to be like, that kids fast on the field.

Any comments ? i wrote some of the starters times and results down if any one wants to know.

Anonymous said...

what about the seinors Coen, etc. any of those numbers