Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday News ---- 04/16/09

UMass' 2009 OOC opponent Stony Brook has released a travel heavy schedule. The Seawolves only have four home games and their schedule includes three league trips south and a visit to North Dakota.


The NCAA says a fan can't use Facebook to try to encourage a recruit to attend their school.


The CAA has the latest issue of it's Spring Practice Blog up. It includes a segment by Armando Cuko.


Speaking of the CAA, this article talks about how the league will cope with football scheduling when Old Dominion joins in 2011. Note that the AD's are saying that the CAA intends to keep together and there were no plans to break up. Interesting stuff!


A editor complains of FBS/FCS mismatches in 2009 . Two of the games feature CAA teams.



Anonymous said...

anyone know which QB(s) are taking most reps with first offense in spring ball now?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Stony Brook, that date is Band Day. It doesn't show yet on our schedule. I mention this because to 46.2% of the adults in attendance, that is much more important than who the QB is. :)

Anonymous said...

I would like the band to announce important dates well in advance so that we can begin to make plans.

Anonymous said...

this is a football blog, not a band blog. go to the band blog if you think band day is more important than who is playing QB for our team. what an idiotic post on a football blog!! only one person who works harder than the others earns the right to QB our football team...not so to play in the band!!

Anonymous said...

BAND IS Football!

Anonymous said...

Band is Band and has very little to do with Football. It is a nice half time show that is all. How much are you being paid to sit in the stands and play? And your justification - you have to practice and the game takes time out of your busy schedule.

We are proud that you are a good band. We don't go to the games to watch you march around and you certainly don't sit in the stands and have a clue what is happening on the field. You sit there waiting for someone to tell you to blow on your horn.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to ask you, not only do you get paid, don't you also get college credit for being in the band? Don't you also get paid to go to basketball and hockey games?

Anonymous said...

To our anti-band small person - I made the first post above about Band Day. Did you see the smiley face? Do you know what one is?

Very seriously, though, do you realize how much smaller our football attendance would be if we didn't have a great band?

I am a season ticket holder who loves football, and I have no connection to the band, but "The Power and Class" is what the people all over Mass relate to, not our football team.

Anonymous said...

Note that I didn't make any personal attacks on you.

Nor do I have an Anti-Bias toward Our Great Band. Its great you have season tickets. Did you buy the season tickets to watch the band or buy them to watch the football game?

I doubt very many people go to the football game to watch the band. You and a few hundred are the exception.

You also didn't answer any of our questions.
How much are you getting paid to play at the football game?
How much are you getting paid to play at hockey and basketball games?
How many credits do you get each semester for playing in the band?

I am sure people all over Massachusetts relate to our band and appreciate it. I doubt very many would get up Sat morning to go and hear you play if there was no football game.

When the football team has an away game why don't you put on a performance FOR FREE at the football stadium and see how many people show up? 100? 1000? 5000?.

Since teams have at least 5 Saturdays during the football season when their home stadium isn't being used I am sure you could find a football field in Springfield, Worcester, and Boston.

Why don't you put on a FREE performance in each city. You should get a pretty good showing since people wouldn't have to travel or waste money on a football ticket. How many do you think you could get in each city?

Anonymous said...

enought about the band. talking band on a football blog is like talking physics with a 1st grader. in other words, two different worlds. band people, please find your world'.