Monday, April 20, 2009

Images from UMass practice on 04/18/09

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Almost forty more images are in a Picasa Web Album here.

On Saturday, I traveled down to Amherst to take in the scheduled practice. It was raining in NH and I almost turned back.

UMass held a two hour practice at McGuirk. Everybody seemed into the practice as there was no slack time or goofing off. During the scrimmage plays there were some hits that made sound of gear popping echo around the stadium.

Most of the practice was drills. There were only a small number of scrimmage plays.

I can't shed much light on the quarterback situation. Everyone seemed to get a equal number o reps. Octavious Hawkins dropped two perfect passes into the far corner of the end zone for TDs and earned some high fives from the offense. But two passes do not a quarterback make.

I talked to Brian Ostaszewski's dad and he said Brian had been moved inside to RG. He's also on the first team OL.

I counted nine yellow shirts. Except for one guy in a arm sling, no one was on crutches, so that's good thing.

Victor Cruz made a nice catch behind the first team defense and waltzed into the end zone.

One defense, the tackling seemed better. I saw only one instance were a receiver ran through a arm tackle.

Thanks to the Athletic Dept and UMass football for letting me take pictures.

Twelve days to the Spring Game.


Anonymous said...

Good photos, Frank. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wish we had more dedicated fans/alumuni like you Frank. Thanks for all you do.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the photos !!!

Anonymous said...

I too would like to thank you for the photos. I am looking forward to the spring game and to next season. My major concerns are about finding a QB who can perform with what looks to be a pretty solid offense and whether or not the D can stop the run??

Anonymous said...

Much appreciation, Frank, I'd been hoping for some photos.

Anonymous said...

good to see you at practice on saturday. thought it went well and the intensity was there. see you at the spring game. go umass!!

Anonymous said...

Great pics, Frank. It's exciting to think that it's been over four years since an incumbent at QB has marked the roster. I think it will elevate the play of all, but I wonder, what kind of offense will Morris run? Will it be based on the QB chosen to run the offense, or the inverse?

I think that with the exception of an unproven tight end, the returning receivers are better than good; the running game should be excellent, and for me, two questions remain: the line, and the nature of what offense UMass will run. Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your AWESOME support!!! It is what this team and staff need. It is much appreciated!!!!

Anonymous said...

frank, wonderful job as usual! you really work hard to keep us all informed and I really appreciate all of your efforts, and I am sure everyone else who reads the blog agrees. thanks so much!

UMass74 said...

Hey, thank you for the compliments! I really enjoyed watching the practice.

I'll talking A LOT about UMass before the season starts, but I think UMass this year could be a powerful offensive team.

I'm a big Karl Nelson fan. If you ranked Marcel Shipp, Steve Baylark and Karl Nelson, I'm not sure #28 would be third on the list. He hasn't had a chance to shine in the post season, but he's one of the best backs in FCS/I-AA.

The receivers are the tops in the CAA and I think the O-line is going to play really well this year. I still don't know if we have a QB.

I think the defense is going to be scrappy this year.

How this will all play out is why I love football. We're undefeated in 2009 :)

Can't wait to see what happens.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Karl Nelson wouldn't be third.

Anonymous said...

It's Tony. He is awesome.

Anonymous said...

All will be good with UMass Football this year at QB. UMass do have a QB problume but I think Octavious Hawkins will come out of spring practice with the nod. He is an proven winner & leader sence grade school. Just sit back & enjoy the ride for the next 3 years.