Monday, April 27, 2009

Dreamin' of the Big House

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Woah! I go away for four days and news comes down that UMass will be playing Michigan in 2010.

Matty Vautour has a short entry here. The Boston Herald has an article here.

UPDATE: Matty has a more extensive article here.

Info about Michigan's stadium here.

This will be very good for UMass football and the athletic dept. With UMass' sports budget being heavily impacted by the cutbacks in state support a nearly seven figure guarantee would be an excellent shot in the arm for the whole dept.

Not to mention all us UMass football fans. I AM GOING. Period.


Liam Coen get mentions from the Boston Herald and Providence Journal about his NFL hopes.

CSN has the complete FCS/I-AA NFL Draft report here.

No news yet on any UMass FA signings.


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Anonymous said...

anyone attend the scrimmage on saturday? any observations to share?

Anonymous said...

don't you think that its a shame.
that there is no one who cares enough to even go to a full scrimmage to report. we are thrilled at playing schools like michigan but no one cares enough to even go watch and report on a scrimmage one week before the spring game. check michigans blogs.
we all cant live in mass.

Anonymous said...

by the way if you check their blog
50,000 people went to their
spring game

Anonymous said...

hard to believe there are no 'gung ho' umass football fans who care to check out spring ball!

Anonymous said...

i understand that coach Morris had the football team go to the lacrosse
game to try and show support to their fellow student athletes. most commendable on the coaches
part. lets see how many lacrosse players return the favor. anyone know the lacrosse coach

Anonymous said...

lax coash on umass athletics site.

Anonymous said...

Went to lax game on Sat-Had to work my 2nd job so was unable to stay for Sat scrimmage
My buddy who cam eup for Lax game-when I mentioned what I had seen on Blog about possibly playing Michigam in 2010
His response was "sounds like a road trip"-which is exactly what I said to myself when I read the post on Blog

So Delaware in 2009 and Michigan in 2010-Better get a new ride
See you all saturday

SK20620 said...

C Rob on the Eagles!!

Anonymous said...

To the guy who wants the lax team at the spring game: Should they skip their very important league game at Rutgers to be there?

Anonymous said...

to the clown complaining about no detailed description of the scrimmage....where's yours, superfan?!?!?

How about a description of the Morris event in Boston while you're at it?

Anonymous said...

to the superfan adressing your response to the clown. not everyone can live in mass. but i guarantee you that if i did iwould have been there. the only thing i think you like to do is sit back and let everybody else do the work.

Anonymous said...

What work? Some people might see a practice or two. Not everyone who does read this blog. And those that do might choose not to post. Quit your whining.

Anonymous said...

why do you read this blog if you're just going to complain about it all the time?

Anonymous said...

the man who runs this blog is doing
everything he can to support umass
football. he announces that he is taking a short break well in advance giving someone else the opportunity to step up and help.
guess what , you dont. its' not whining, its hoping that someone
else who lives in the area gives the man some support. lets see how many of you fans get your butts in the seat for the spring game

Anonymous said...

Maybe not whining before, but you certainly are now.