Friday, April 03, 2009

The Begining of Spring Practice -- 04/03/09

Well, Spring Practice is finally here; it's the real start of 2009 UMass football. The weather is slated to be gloomy and raw, but at least it's a new year.

Not-so-good is the news that UMass has had its athletic budget cut by $600,000. The Minutemen lose Men's and Women's skiing and each sport has to cut their own budget by about 7 to 10%.

Now would be an excellent time for all UMass Sports fans to step up and make some sort of contribution to the Athletic Dept. I continue to recommend Friends of Football to UMass football fans. Every penny of the Friends membership goes to UMass football and also provides a constituency for the football program. But contributing any amount anywhere will help keep UMass teams competitive.


Yesterday I blogged about 2009 opponent Stony Brook. They have quite a OOC as they have added a game at North Dakota on October 10th.


JMU made money during the 2008 playoffs. That was after paying the NCAA a combined $300,000 for home bids. The figures do not seem to include concessions, which could sweeten the pot further.


Speaking of financial woes, the Lehigh Football Nation Blog points out things are bad all over theNortheast.


To end this blog post on a cheerier note: Boston Patriots Cheerleader tryouts.

A Boston Globe staff image.



Anonymous said...

Just received some new information

Starting Offensive Line For Spring '09

LT- Vladimir Duccasse
LG- John Ihne
C- Brandon Flanagan
RG- Brian Ostazeshki
RT- Robert Getek

What happen To Joshua Samuda #50. He started all last season ? Is he still on the Team? That will be a big loss.

Anonymous said...

samuda is on the spring roster.

Anonymous said...

any chance sales could be in the mix? he was highly recruited.

Anonymous said...

How can Getek be in the Spring Lineup. I thought he was suspensed for the first six games next year?

When I watched their lineup I thought I saw Ostaazeshki was at Right Tackle with Ihen at Center or Right Guard and Sumuda at Left Guard.

Anonymous said...

Why was Getek suspensed for half of next year? Anyone know for sure?