Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday News ---- 04/14/09

David Coulson has a long "Around FCS" column in which he picks the top 25 FCS NFL Draft prospects.


At Kansas State, the Wildcats want to return to glory.


The Maine Black Bears have their Spring prospectus up (pdf).

Rhode Island's former All-CAA RB Joe Casey has recovered from the broken leg he sustained last season.

Down in Virginia, all eyes are on James Madison.

New Hampshire looks to improve on defense.



Anonymous said...

does anybody know of any other blogs, where people comment on a day to day, or at least every other
day about something that concerns the our team

Anonymous said...

why don't you start one. Offer some pithy commentary or insight instead of complaining. This is the best blog going, and we're lucky to have such a devoted, well informed, and insightful supporter as Frank has been to the University.

Anonymous said...

This blog has become the premiere resource for all things UMass football and other FCS issues relating to UMass football. There are FBS programs that don't have such a fan site devoted to sharing news story and info on their team. I agree with the other poster, if you don't think this is good enough, start your own. I bet you won't get a fraction of the regular readers.

Anonymous said...

i enjoy this blog daily. frank, you do a great job as far as keeping us up on whats going on. maybe see you on saturday if you come down. go umass!

UMass74 said...

Thanks for all the kind words. The readers make the Blog worthwhile. I'm still having fun with it and intend to keep it going.

UMass-specific football news is kinda thin in March and April, so sometimes I have to scratch for material.

I figure most UMass fans would like to read something that's at least vaguely related to UMass football (like CAA news or news about our FBS/I-A opponent) to keep the juices flowing while we wait for football to start.

I am STILL surprised that there are so few FCS/I-AA blogs. There are fewer than five or so active I-AA Blogs in the nation.

A lot of people start a Blog (like the UMass Hockey Blog) and loose interest in a week or so.

In June I'll be starting my 5th year, which is ancient by internet standards.

Tomorrow's post will be my 2,456th effort.

Thanks again for letting me share my Minuteman football mania with you :)

Anonymous said...

Frank, You ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Frank great job on this blog, its amazing to see how long this has lasted and it is truly awesome how you keep things relevant through the tough non football months. Keep up the good work!!