Monday, April 06, 2009

UMass Historical Scans-- 1984

Click on the image above and Blogger displays a larger view. In the Picasa Web album link, each image has a small magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner. Picasa will display a large view that can be scrolled by dragging. It's useful for reading the rosters and other print material.

The album link is here. The total scans are now up to 98 images covering 1971, 1973 and 1976 to 1984. There are 14 scans from 1984.

In 1984 Coach Bob Stull was in the first year of his two-year stint with UMass. UMass Captains were Tom McEvilly and Navy transfer Peter Tracy.

UMass finished 3-8 with wins over Ball State (the last I-A win, I think), Northeastern and UNH. We lost to Lehigh, Holy Cross, Rhode Island, Richmond, Maine, BU, UConn and Delaware.

1984 was the year UMass renamed Alumni Stadium as Warren McGuirk Alumni Stadium. In the 1984 scans there is a text image describing the career of Warren McGuirk (in case you've ever wondered why the stadium was named after him).

The game against UConn on 11/3/84 was the 100th game at McGuirk.

The 1984 team had the tandem brothers of Jim Simeone (1,595 yards 147/313 .470 5/8 TD/INT 89.9 eff) at QB and Bob Simeone (52- 794 yards 5 TDs) at WR. George Barnwell (931 yards and 3TDs) and Frank Fay were the RBs. On defense Holyoke's Dave Cavanaugh was at OLB/DE. Mike Dwyer was to be a first team All-America in '85. Todd Comeau (who has checked in here a number of times) was another OLB. Vito Perrone led the defense with 82 UT 45 AT 127 TT.

Two of the scans are from the UMass-Holy Cross game. The Crusaders were about to start their great run in the 80's. Their roster has Gil (the thrill) Fenerty and Gordy Lockbaum.

That was 25 years ago!


Anonymous said...

what about saturdays practice
any comments

Anonymous said...

liam is projected as a potential draft pick for the patriots at qb...

UMass74 said...

Coen link from the previous post

Anonymous said...

Remember 1984 -But barely as was a Jr at the Zoo and kegs were allowed at tailgating
"Air Stull" went on to Texas El-Paso
The Simeone brothers sucked/it was a long year

UMass74 said...

Why Liam may have a better chance than most people think: forget about arm strength and mobility--It's all about accuracy

Anonymous said...

Liam will be a PFA, but he is so much against the type of QB the Pats have drafted. Playing foru years will work in his favor, but I can't see him with the Pats.

Anonymous said...

I remember a long season, but as a 'look team' hero enjoyed getting better food than regular students at the dinning commons after practice. Mike Dwyer had to eat with the coaches who kept close watch on his weight. Rungy, D-Day, Welchy, etc. took turns cleaning my clock. Did Peter Tracy get a tryout with anyone? Liked Coaches Reid and Telander. Never spoke much to Coach Stull, (I was to much of a scrub). I believe beating UNH kept them out of the 1AA playoffs that year. Does anyone remember the huge French guy Olivier? Anybody know where he is now?