Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Woah! Actual UMass Football News!

The UMass website has an interview with Coach Brown on UMass Spring Practice. Be still my heart! Actual UMass Football News. The video clip will probably be moved to the Official UMass Football Page soon.

First news, UMass captains for 2008 have been selected.
On offense, Brown said that Emil Igwenagu has been playing the fullback slot while Chris Zardas is recovering. He said without giving any names that we have talent at WR.

On defense, he said George Byrd has the weak side linebacker nailed down. He mentioned Johnny Evans and Sam Besong also at the "will" position. Anthony Rouzier and Andy Rensende-gomes are being looked at for the strong side. Middle linebacker is still open apparently.

UPDATE: UMass now has an article on the 2008 captains here .

UPDATE II: UMass Football will take part in the CAA Bone Marrow registration program (pdf)

UPDATE III: The UMass Daily Collegian adds an article about the 2008 Captains.


Anonymous said...

Hello Frank-Football has returned! Did you stay up late or get up early to post this information? Either way thanks again for working so hard on this blog to keep us updated. Now if we can find a player who works as hard as you do to play MLB we will have a great group of LB's! Frank are you interested? Check with Mrs. Blog.

I like Smalls and Collier as Defensive captains. We now have a big hole at SS with our 1'st and 2'nd player from last year are no longer at UMass.
Info on Sam Beson * As a freshman in 2006: Worked as a linebacker on the scout team while taking a redshirt season. So Sam has 2 years working and learning our defense.

I am surprised Brown didn't mention Jennings. I would expect to see him at MLB, at least part of the time.

Frank Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Makes sense the Emil is filling in at FB; he's a good and logical choice, and what better way to gain experience in the backfield?

Great choices for captains. Well done, Frank.

Is it true that both Ridenhour and Meggett are no longer on the team? Have they dropped out of school?

Anonymous said...

He said without giving any names that we have talent at WR.

Warren Wilson, WR So, is a transfer who enrolled this Spring. He was a 3*** coming out of High School and signed with BC. Couldn't find out why he left BC probably where he was on the depth chart. He has some big shoes to fill. Horne, Fears, and Cruz will also need to step up to replace the loss of Moore, Rancher and Omar whom graduated.

Anonymous said...

couldn't locate the article re: spring ball on the umass web page. anyone have the link to post?

UMass74 said...

The article is a video currently on the main UMass athletics page. When a new one in posted it will be moved to the "multimedia" section on the football page.


You'll need Flash.

We have lots of talent at WR. Horne, Wilson, Talley, Fears, Esalomi, Sanford, Bailey----can't wait to see 'em all play.

Google on Riddenhour and you will find lots of info on his being suspended.

Anonymous said...

With Riddenhour and Meggett gone who is playing SS? How has the Defensive Backfield been realigned?