Friday, April 18, 2008

More on future opponents

Georgia State University has held a press conference about starting football in 2010. They will be joining the CAA, so we'll be seeing them shortly.

This article discusses how they should build a winning program (it includes leaving the CAA for the Southern Conference).

If you are interested in 2008 BCS opponent Texas Tech, their spring game will be televised Saturday on the NFL Network. The NFL network is channel 154 on Dish Network and 212 on Direct TV.

Following up on yesterday's blog post about Texas Tech loosing money on its bowl game, Texas lost money on the Holiday Bowl . BCS division bowl games continue to proliferate. A Washington DC Bowl is pending as well as the "Rocky Mountain Bowl".

Sheese, pretty soon every team in BCS/I-A with a winning record will go to a bowl.


Anonymous said...

Ya, there are so many FBS Bowls that some are finding it hard to get a team to fill their bowl. It is really just turning into an extra season game for an average team by only needing a .500 record to qualify. And, many of these teams are playing FCS programs for some of their wins and they aren't playing the good FSC programs like App State, Delaware, UMass, Southern Illinois, etc.. They know the top tier FCS school will beat them. So, it's becoming a joke. Sort of like who the real NC is in the FBS.

Anonymous said...

Its up to the bowl committee and local businesses (see Chattanooga) to create "an event". If they aren't willing to invest the $ to build up their bowl it isn't going to be very successful. Putting a bowl in Chattanooga makes no sense whereas locating a bowl in a resort area where your alumni and students can travel, go to the beach and gamble can develop into a major event.
People from Montana would rather play a championship game in Florida where they could vacation for a week than in dreary Chattanooga. Flights are cheaper, more hotel rooms, and more to do since Florida is a major resort area.

Anonymous said...

Good points both, although Chattanooga ain't so bad a place. The event is the draw, and the stadium at Chattanooga is an excellent place to see a game, but a warmer climate with more things to do wouldn't be a bad thing for fans and players alike.