Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Two year UMass Football Captains

One of he nice things about running the UMass Football Blog is meeting former UMass players and coaches. Earlier this year I exchanged e-mails with former UMass player and Coach Jerry Gordon.

His 1981 Captain's image is in the UMass Historical section of this blog. Gordon walked on to the football team and was the last lineman chosen. He told me "I worked hard, and good things happened." Gordon ended up being one of the few two year UMass Captains.

This year, the UMass players elected Junior Brandon Collier one of 2008's captains. So he has a chance to join a select few UMass players who have been two-year captains. I went through the UMass historical roster twice and did not find a three year captain.

UMass Two-Year Captains:
  • Bill Durkin '92,'93
  • Jerry Gordon '81,'82
  • Ed McAleny "74,"75
  • Khari Samuel "97,'98
  • Serge Tikum "04,"05
  • Brandon Collier '08,?
Did I miss anyone?


Anonymous said...

Winfred Ayers 1885 & 1886
Ed McAleney '74 & '75
Rene Ingoglia '94 & '95

How many players have been captains, and then the head coach? I count 3....

James Halligan, captain in 1899, coach 1901-03

George O'Hearn captain in 1903, coach in 1906

George Melican, captain in 1914, coach in 1916

Charles McGeoch played in 1922, '23 & '24 (never a captain) and coached from 1928-30.

UMass74 said...

Good work.

I had McAleney in the blog post.

Ayers is not in my 2007 press guide. I had Ingoglia flagged in book, but missed him when I wrote the blog post.

The player-coach thing is interesting. Thanks for the research!

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry, didn't notice McAleney. I actually just noticed it when I came back to your blog and before I checked your comment.