Thursday, April 10, 2008

Johnny Evans---- LB

In Tuesday's blog post about Coach Brown's spring practice video, he mention LB Johnny Evans as being in the mix for the 2008 linebacker corps. There is not much info in his UMass Bio. I did not seem to do a blog post on him during recruiting.

Evans will be a redshirt sophomore this year. He's 6-0 220.

His page is here . His ESPN page is here .

He drew recruiting interest from East Carolina.

Welcome to the Minutemen Johnny! Hope you have a great career.


Anonymous said...

I am sure Coach Brown saw something special about Evans to bring him up from NC. He is listed as a DE 6-1 186 on and was expected to change to an OLB in college. I don't think he gained 34 lbs in 1 year. Our website has him listed as a redshirt sophomore and 220 lbs. He will be a redshirt freshman this year. I hope he has the speed to play for us. Anyone see #59 on the practice field?

To read more about him do a goggle search using "Johnny Evans Southern High School Durham NC"

Anonymous said...

Wasnt he the one who got stabbed last year??