Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday articles 04/20/08

The same agent that represented Marcel Shipp represents Ricky Santos. The article also mentions the BC Pro-Day workout by UMass players.

This article mentions Matt Lawrence as free agent pick.

The CAA covers this last weekend's Spring Games.

BCS opponent Texas Tech had its spring game Saturday.

If you will remember I've blogged about Texas and Texas Tech loosing money on their respective bowl games. I thought it was interesting that Hawaii, which took a monumental a$$ whipping by Georgia in the Sugar Bowl, made $2.2 Million profit.


Anonymous said...

Frank lets blog about the advantage/disadvantage of participating in a CAA vs another I-AA team bowl instead of Chattanooga. Financial, attendance, alumni interest/support, studnt interest/support

UMass74 said...

Well, FCS is built around the playoffs. There has been some talk that there are so many I-A bowls that they may take a I-AA team to fill some or them.

With TV coverage of the playoffs increasing, I don't see a I-AA bowl being feasible except with a very few teams like Montana, Delaware and Appalachian State. UMass would always be on the road in that type of setup.

With lights coming, we should be in a position to get more home playoff games.

Lets try getting that going :)

Anonymous said...

Frank and UM Fans here is an idea.
One of the things that intrigue me about this idea (CAA championship game or CAA champion against another I-A or I-AA team)is how many people/student and alumni would attend if we know 3-4 weeks in advance. That is the advantage the FBS teams have so their fans have time to arrange travel and accommodations. A vacation spot where the weather is good, lots of cost effective plane flights and things to do would be much better than a small group of people paying an exorbitant amount of money to go to cold weather Chattanooga where there is nothing else to do. Of all the schools competing for the FCS only 2 ever make it and we only get 1 week notice to arrange transportation and a hotel. The CAA champion could have the option to go to our bowl game or compete for the FCS. The other CAA teams could compete for the national championship if they get invited.

Anonymous said...

Hawaii, which took a monumental a$$ whipping by Georgia in the Sugar Bowl, made $2.2 Million profit.

How much are we going to make (after expenses)to take an a$$ whipping by Texas Tech? This is another dumb thing that we can credit to our ad. Are any fans actually going to go to this game?
There are other FBS schools who would be more than happy to beat us closer to home. I find it hard to believe that playing Texas Tech is more important than scheduling teams with the long term goal of establishing or re-establishing games with shools in the northeast that are traditional rivals.

Anonymous said...

As a student I would much rather see us schedule a game with UConn, BC, or Sryacuse way before we go to someplace like Texas Tech. I don't know of anyone with will be going to the game.

Anonymous said...

A lot of this is about recruiting. Talk to the players. They all would rather have the opportunity to play a national program and travel a bit. It's a lot easier trying to sell a recruit that we a travelling to Texas Texh and Kansas State than Uconn or Akron. Talk to the players and they will tell you this is what they want.

Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe that the kids are going to get all excited about coming to a school that Texas Tech beat by 40 points. I think that recruits would rather hear we are playing teams from the same FBS conference every year because we are working to join that FBS conference in a few years.

Alternately, the CAA could establish a FBS conference under the CAA banner. It would be unusual but would work since the whole conference structure is already in place. As more schools join the CAA it is going to become unwieldy. More schools from Florida to Massachusetts? are starting FBS programs.

Anonymous said...

Your making a awful lot of assumptions about UM trying to go FBS (which won't happen) or that the conference would be able to go FBS as a whole (slimmer chance). The this is the best situation for the players, giving them a chance to travel to a big time program. Also what makes you think that they will get beat by 40. They have done alright for themselves lately against FBS. Although Tech scares me a lot more than a conventional offense because of the spread.

Anonymous said...

If UMass kept BC in check (with the top rated QB in all of FCS) last season and played very respectably, I really think we can do the same at TTU.