Friday, April 11, 2008

Six UMass games to be televised in 2008

The UMass football page has the CAA TV schedule for 2008. UMass will be televised six times!
  • @ JMU 09/13/08 CN8
  • Delaware 10/04/08 CN8
  • Richmond 10/18/08 CN8
  • Maine 11/08/08 CSN -NE
  • @ New Hampshire 11/15/08 CSN-MA, CSN-NE
  • Hofstra 11/22/08 CN8
Pretty good CAA coverage. Nineteen games with at least one game for every team. CN8 is available over the internet. Both Dish Network and Direct TV cover CSN-NE and CSN-MA.

UMass fans away from New England should have an excellent year.


Anonymous said...

Any idea if the TTU game will be streaming? Of if ESPN may cover?

UMass74 said...

There was no TV coverage last year for the Red Raider's FCS/I-AA game against Northwestern State.

I have not heard of any TV for the UMass game.

If that changes, you'll know right away.

Anonymous said...

Any one heard of any travel packages to Lubbock?

UMass74 said...

I've found the UMass Alumni packages to be very expensive.

Mrs Blog and I have vacation time scheduled so that we can go to Texas Tech. Southwest only schedules flights out about four months, so we could not set up a flight at this time.

We're just going to get a Southwest flight out of Manchester and get hotel in Lubbock.

UMass74 said...

Oh, and I should say Southwest does not fly DIRECTLY to Lubbock.

Nearest direct flight is Odessa/Midland TX. We'll have to drive up to Lubbock. That's 143 miles and 2.5 hours driving time according to mapquest.

Anonymous said...

I seen some flights to Lubbock via Houston.

UMass74 said...

Yes, Southwest does have some flights to Lubbock, but no connecting flights.

The Southwest reservations lady said you would have to fly to ---say Houston. Then de-plane, pick up your luggage, go out to the Southwest ticket counter (and have to go through security again) and re-register for the non-connecting Houston-Lubbock flight.

I'd rather just pick up my rent-a-car and drive.

Anonymous said...

Any Idea where the team is staying in TX

Anonymous said...

I think you can email Ms. Joyce and she would be able to tell you where the team will be staying. I did that last season. She's very helpful.

Anonymous said...

Man You guys never travel out west do ya.

Southwest has a direct flight to Lubbock from Dallas Love field.

Its not always the best way to travel domestically but Conteniental is direct in from Houston.

So if you catch a Las Vegas ending ticket you can go right through Lubbock on SWA. continental is the better airline but a bit more expensive.

American Airlines has tubojet service if you are ok with 3rd class style of travel direct in from DFW airport.

Places to stay, There is plenty of Hotels and bed and breakfast throughout Lubbock.

Word that you need to know about Lubbock, Rent a car!!!!! There is not much in the way of mass transit.

Most teams who travel to Lubbock and spend the night mostly stay at the Marriot. If that is not in the budget then the Lubbock Inn is the common other choice.

Places to Eat, Cagles Steaks, Cattle Baron, Abuelo's, Texas Land and Cattle, County Line BBQ and Olive Garden which is a chain but worth the referal. some of these are not that easy to get to and are extreme popular with the locals.

There is plenty of common places to eat from Outback steakhouse to Cotton Patch to Orlando's Italian to Applebees to yes Hooters.

Then you have the fast food and pizzas.

Not much in nightlife in Lubbock. But if there is any it will be down in the Depot district off of 19th street and Buddy Holly Ave.

Your friendly Texan