Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wednesday Articles

So far nobody has published anything about UMass' Pro Day. This article mentions the Philadelphia Eagles were there .

Didn't take long to for Rhode Island to derail some of Thor's plans.

2007 opening opponent Albany is happy with their progress .

And the big news is that the CAA has the combined 2008 football schedule up. Printable schedule (in pdf) is here .


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to our BB team. We have a top 70 BB program, not quite as good as our top 10 football program, but not bad.

Like Vermont and BU, it is merely a matter of time until URI drops football. If they don't drop it entirely it will be downgraded as they are no longer competitive in the CAA.

I am concerned that NE is in the same boat. They may not drop their program but it will be downgraded. Interestingly NE also has the greatest potential as a private school. If they establish a (10 year?) program with the city to start buying parcels of land to build an on campus stadium they will change from the worst situation in the CAA to one of the best and have a competitive advantage over us based on their location and new stadium.

We aren't in danger of losing our football program but our facilities continue to fall behind the other schools in the CAA. We also need a field house and practice fields that don't become swamps for our program. Successful programs have the support of their president and BOD. It is time for Wilson and the BOD to step forward. Talking and meetings in Boston haven't done anything concrete.

To a certain degree VT, URI, and NE have chosen not to maintain their football program and upgrade their facilities so that they are comparable to the other schools in the CAA effectively choosing to downgrade by their inaction.

Anonymous said...

It's unlikely that URI will drop its football program, having just dropped several million dollars into the new stadium and hiring a new coach. The program exists, like many FCS programs, to augment the quality of life for students, the community, and the alumni. Northeastern will find it very expensive, prohibitively so, to build a stadium anywhere near the campus, with the premium on land and the need to add increased living accommodations for its students. Unless NEU has designs for an upgrade to the FBS it, like virtually all programs in the FCS, will continue to lose money. I work in the medical area downtown near the university. Land is incerdibly expensive here. Football is not self-sufficient; programs exist as a means of attracting and retaining students and athletes alike and as a way for alumni, community, and school to have a common, galvinizing effect. After all, how many of us would spend time reading a blog on the excellence of the Medical School or how many Phds are awarded each year by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences? Gotta love football. It ain't cheap.

On another note, Travis Ford is expected to announce that he will become the next head coach at LSU. Anyone hear anything?

Anonymous said...

I don't think URI will drop football. They will just become even less competitive than they are. What will they do when they get tired of losing record every year?

Remember this article from the Providence Journal.
College football picks by Mike Szostak - October 19, 2007

As the University of Rhode Island’s football team flies south today for a Colonial Athletic Association game tomorrow at Richmond, I wonder how much longer the Rams will make such trips.