Monday, April 14, 2008

CAA Spring paractice news

William & Mary finished their spring in front of a thousand fans.

2008 opponent James Madison's offense is looking better .

They're still looking for a quarterback at UNH.

And the Hens are looking for Omar Cuff's replacement .

Maine's spring prospectus is up.

If you have'nt visited it lately, Thorr seems to be having a good effect on Rhode Island's football website. Lots of Rhody football information now, including spring practice news.

Richmond's named the Spider 2008 captains.

Towson is looking to bounch back from a bad season .


Anonymous said...

RI needs to do something about the fans The game last year was a joke as was the cop on duty spitting on the players needs to be addressed if it happens again I dont think the parents will be that polite!

Anonymous said...

I remember that game. I had all I could do to restrain myself. Something has to be done. Maybe if the weather hadn't been so bad, we would of had our own student fans there to take care of the situation.