Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Article on injuries mentions UMass Legend Steve Schubert

This article about concussions has quotes and a story about UMass football legend Steve Schubert.

I've blogged about Schubert before.


Anonymous said...

Concussions are a serious topic. I was able and fortunate enough to start for 4 years @ UMass as a LB. I suffered 2 concussions while at UMass, and also suffered one in high school. Concussions feel like a throbbing, dull headache for a day up to a few days. The pain can be sharp at times as well, but mostly it is dull, mushy feeling. Minimal noise and light is amplified and you just want to lay down in a quiet, dark place. You can easily lose track of a day of where you went or what you did.

The medical and coaching staff @ UMass where excellent and precautions were taken. I was not rushed by either to get right back in the game. I wanted to get back sooner than the coaches or trainers would allow. I think the players are the ones who need to be educated a bit more on the effects of the concussions.

I have had some lingering minor effects for the last 15 years like migraine headaches and episodes of mental blocks where I forget simple things. (no depression unless UMass football loses a game they should win-i.e. (Colgate 2003 playoffs, URI-2007)

At 41, I'd like to think it is just do to plain old age, but with the topic of concussions coming to light the last few years, my symptoms are probably related to my concussions. My symptoms are minor and are manageable and have not escalated, but I am planning to get checked out if they eventually worsen. I've never talked about concussion issues to any other guys I played football with. You talk about your knees or wings(shoulders) that you injured, but never the noggin. Maybe this is a first step for me-it's time to start asking some guys that I played with as I'm sure there other UMass guys like me and Steve Schubert out there.

Our trainers at the time told me that after 4-5 concussions, you should stop playing. I don't know what the limit is today. Frank, if your at a practice, could you ask one of the trainers? Thanks.

Thanks for posting this topic and great job with the blog.

UMass74 said...

Excellent essay. Excellent. We have to remember the physical price that the players pay for playing football.

I suppose bum knees and shoulder surgeries are part of the game, but neurological injuries are not.

At UMass, the doctors have control of the player and he cannot play until he is cleared.

Part of the response to this type of injury is proper training of the player. Standard practice should be not to lead with your helmet and helmet to helmet hits should be avoided at all times. There is tremendous pressure on these young men. Everybody needs to understand that brain injuries need to be avoided by a commitment from the players, coaches and rules committee. There is a difference in chewing out a player for not working hard and yelling at a 19 year old for not "sticking his head in there".

The NFL is, in my opinion, avoiding dealing with the issue. Since players at all levels try to copy "NFL hitting", it should be address at that level too.