Monday, December 31, 2007

1980 UMass Football Historical Scans

The following eight images are scans from several 1980 game programs.

I've included the 1980 team photo, 1980 coaches, 1980 roster and several other scans from various programs.
Also included are three scans from the 10/04/80 UMass-Rhode Island game program at Meade Stadium. It has the offensive and defensive starters for both clubs.

In 2005, when I went to Meade Stadium, I talked with several members of the Rhody Band and fans. No one remembered "That Ram Band", which was a long time Rhode Island thing. That Ram band wore blue and white colonial costumes and did a leg swing. Vanished into the maw of history now, I guess.

In 1980 the UMass Captains were Bob Manning, Fred Read and Frank DiTommaso. UMass went 7-3 that year and were 4-1 in the Yankee Conference (2nd).

Bob Manning was First Team All-American that year!

Of the two games shown, UMass lost to Delaware 17-21 and beat the Rams 26-8.

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I'll add the images to the "UMass historical scans" section in the sidebar after I finish digging out from the latest snow storm...


jgordon0508 said...

Great Blog, Brings back memories. What people don't remember was that Tim Fontaine was a GREAT QB Who ended up getting injured. By the way,Coach Karmelowitz and Coach Brooks are in the NFL

UMass74 said...

Jerry Gordon was a three year letter winner for UMass and a two year UMass Captain (81,82).

I have some pictures of him and the 1982 team (also at R.I.)

I'll publish those images when I post the 1982 game program scans, maybe later this spring.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember a QB, Mikey Fallen from Roxbury, MA? If so, what year did he play and does anyone know what ever became of him?

UMass74 said...

Mike Fallon is in the 1977 game roster posted in the "historical scans' link in the sidebar.

He is also scans from the 1976 game program that I have neglected to place in the the same folder.

Find those scans by entering "1976' in the search blog box in the upper section of the blog and then scrolling to the end of the results...

Anonymous said...

mike fallon my daddy