Tuesday, December 18, 2007

2008 UMass football schedule

There are three confirmed dates for the the 2008 schedule.
  • 9/13/2008 @ JMU
  • 9/20/2008@ Texas Tech 6:00 pm. Texas Tech's 2008 schedule is here (pdf). This year they beat FCS team Northwestern State 75-7. The Red Raiders play Virginia in the Gator Bowl on 01/01/08, if you want to check them out early.
  • 10/04/2008 Delaware at McGuirk. Delaware's 2008 schedule here .
That's two FCS playoff teams and a BCS bowl team and we still have nine games to go...


Anonymous said...

Why are we scheduling Texas Tech? The money? If its money then why did we play BC last year? We didn't make very much from BC and not very many people went to the game. Playing Texas Tech makes no sense. We should be scheduling BE and MAC teams every year so that we can establish a relationship with them. Playing Texas Tech is not going to balance the budget nor is McCutch going to put the additional money into the football program. Another big mistake on his part.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say establish rivalries with the MAC-East and BE schools. Either accept FCS or put in place a long-term program/schedule to do so.

UMass74 said...

Yes, it's the money. I believe we are getting around $250K for the game.

The money goes to towards the operating costs of the football program.

The UMass-BC game was the second or third highest BC home attendance this year.

Most BCS teams have their schedules set 10 to 15 years in advance.

Anonymous said...

74, Other schools seem to be able to receive $500K or more to go and lose to a top team. I hope we are getting a lot more than $250K to go to lose to Texas. I doubt we would get much less to play a MAC team. (If BCS schools have their schedules set 5-10 years in advance then we should have our OOC games set in advance also. Do we?)

Isn't there anyone or a committee from the BOT who oversee the Athletic Department and their $20M+ budget?

UMass74 said...

You have to remember that scheduling BCS teams is not easy. Both teams have to agree to play.

The last time Brown played a MAC team , he beat 'em 31-0.

The BCS teams are paying for a win. A FCS win counts towards their bowl eligibility.

The Temples of the BCS world are not going to play UMass.

We have games scheduled with BC, Kansas State and Texas Tech. Expect to play more BCS powerhouses.

Anonymous said...

74 I understand what you are saying. If we are going to play these powerhouses so that they can beat us we should be getting a comparable amount as other schools - $500K or more. I believe there are BE teams who would be willing to pay us $250K to come and lose to them. If we did so - at least we would get something out of it - we would be establishing a relationship with the BE and a rivalry with them. If we played a different team in the BE every year that would go a long way to becoming a member in 5, 10, or 15 years.

bab00n said...

UMass doesn't have to come out with the already defeated attitude. They should go and play to the best of their ability. On any given saturday in college football anything can happen. Go out and make it a good showing. Go have fun playing someone you never have before. I am Texas Tech Fan, and I like when a team comes in pumped up and ready to play. When you are disheartened then no one has a good time. Come out and play and have a good time. If you win that is great. If you lose so what. At least you came out and gave it your all.

UMass74 said...

UMass is no Northwestern State.

I expect to make Texas Tech sweat. Coach Brown says "There are no moral victories at UMass". We play every game to win.