Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wednesday morning reading

Sporting News columnist David Coulson has a look at the National Championship game.

Bruce Dowd has a look at the game from a CAA perspective .

Bruce Schmidt has a look at Chattanooga hosting the National Championship game and approves .

UPDATE: Two football players from Colgate were arrested on burglary charges yesterday . One of the players was their featured RB Jordan Scott.

UPDATE II: This Colgate-area paper has an update. Pretty depressing. :(

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Anonymous said...

Have you been to Finley staduim? Its awful there is an abandonded building with broken windows right next store and the area is dirty and dangerous as far as security there is none! the app fans last year were throwing bottles of soda on the Umass parents heads and the majority of the app fans were drunk again NO SECURITY and I would like to know why the media thinks its so great when the app fans storm the feild and rip down the goal posts. At Umass we have swat teams with dogs to prevent damage. I hope the National Champ is moved to some nicer city and that the app fans are controlled.